Air-Conditioning Installation and Maintenance


Looking for a Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Service in Darra?

At AMAC, we take pride in delivering excellent service and craftsmanship to our local community. Our dedicated professionals prioritise skill refinement, ethics, and integrity.

We offer a range of air conditioning repair services, covering split systems, reverse cycle units, and ducted systems.
Situated in Darra, Brisbane, we understand the importance of a functioning Air Conditioning unit, especially during scorching summer heat.

And our regular maintenance services prevent unexpected issues while saving you money. Reach out to our friendly technicians today.

Take Control of your Climate all Year-round

As we all know, the weather can be unpredictable. While today might have been damp and gloomy, tomorrow might be unbearably hot. Thankfully, AMAC is on hand to install and maintain your split system air conditioner and keep your home comfortable no matter the weather or time of year.

We are Experts in Air-Conditioning in Ipswich

The AMAC team are knowledgeable and experienced air conditioning installers in Ipswich.

We can assess your property and supply, install, and maintain single or multiple units to meet your needs.

AMAC Electrical also partners with the best local refrigeration mechanics to deliver you a complete and comprehensive air conditioning maintenance service.

Call us for a free quote today and optimise your home before the weather changes.


What is Split System Air Conditioning?

Split system air conditioning has gained popularity in Ipswich homes for its quiet, energy-efficient operation. The installation process is straightforward.

This system earns its name because it’s divided into an internal unit (with an evaporator and blower) and an external unit (housing a compressor and condensing coil). Both components require electrical wiring and connect through tubes and pipework.
Separating the compressor and condenser from the air delivery unit allows for a more substantial heating and cooling mechanism, ideal for larger climate control areas within your home or business.

Quality workmanship is our priority in every air conditioning installation led by our Ipswich electricians. Contact us today if you’re considering installing a split system in your home or business.

What are the Benefits of Split Air Conditioning?

Choosing a split system offers a multitude of advantages, both in the short term and over the long haul. While the initial installation may require the expertise of an Ipswich electrician, it’s a wise investment.

You’ll experience immediate relief from the heat, and as time goes on, you’ll notice substantial savings on your electricity bills. This system’s reliability ensures that you’re not taking any risks with your purchase – it’s a dependable choice that will provide comfort and cost-efficiency for years to come.

Why Choose Us to Install your Split Air Conditioning System?

It’s important to decide on the best air conditioning unit for your usage demands. That is why a professional technician will walk you through the outline and planning process for your house or business.

Our commitment to great service means our technicians will assess your place and habits, then provide you with a quote for the installation work. 

We can arrange ongoing services to maintain working order with your new air conditioner. This will ensure that your air conditioner is performing exceptionally for years to come. 

Thinking about split system air conditioning installation?

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Split System Air Conditioning Repair Services

AMAC are Ipswich’s trusted technicians that are ready to care for your air conditioners so they perform efficiently throughout the year.

How often do Split System air conditioners need to be serviced?

If you have one or more air conditioners throughout your home, they will need to be serviced at least once a year. If you run a business with continuous air conditioning operating, it’s advisable to have each unit serviced approximately every three months.

What does the Split System Service Look Like?

Are you a Homeowner in Ipswich?

There is an art and a science to perfecting the most optimal temperature in your Ipswich home. Balancing your property dimensions and layout with the output of each unit takes knowledge and experience.
AMAC Electrical has over 30 years of combined experience to draw from when planning and delivering your ideal climate control solution. We are your Ipswich electrician servicing:
  Ipswich ·  Brassall  ·  Karalee  ·  Ipswich North  ·  Ripley  ·  Springfield  ·  Yamanto 

AMAC Electrical chooses premium performance Mitsubishi Split-Systems for our customers. If you have a brand or unit of choice, we can supply and install that too.

The Best Solution for Landlords and Property Managers

If you are a property manager or landlord looking to balance reliability with economy, AMAC recommends Green Split-Systems.

AMAC are your local Ipswich electrician who knows and understands these systems inside out, which means your properties are all sorted. First time. Every time.

Having AMAC Electrical continue your service after installation means maintenance, repairs, and warranties are simple and straightforward.

We also do emergency 24/7 callouts when you need us.


Here's What Our Customers Say

Why choose AMAC Electrical?

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Genuine products with reliable manufacturers warranties

AMAC Electrical uses high-quality products with genuine warranties.

We trust industry tried and tested brands like Clipsal and Hager to help us deliver the best service to our customers.

A Professional Team that Cares for Your Space

Having tradespeople in your Ipswich home can be challenging. The AMAC Team goes above and beyond to respect and care for your space.

We will make every effort to not disrupt your day and to leave your site clean and tidy.

Fast & Flawless

We understand that you just want it fixed. Whether it’s a repair or a new install, the AMAC Team will get it done right.

Our friendly, knowledgeable Ipswich electricians travel with fully stocked service vehicles which enable us to complete your job without leaving the site in search of parts.

That means you get your space back quickly and we're out of your hair. There will be no trail of tradie destruction, as we clean up the site and leave your home as we found it.

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Friendly Team of Master Electricians

AMAC Electrical strive to be industry leaders. As Master Electricians in Ipswich, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are quality assured, trusted experts.

Members of Master Electricians Australia, AMAC are backed by expert technical advice with a world-class safety system.

Master Electricians are quality assured and trusted experts.

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Delivering outstanding Service

You can trust AMAC to turn up when they say they will. You can even track your service vehicle so you know exactly when we are en-route and when to expect us.

Our team members are friendly and professional, and we are always happy to answer your questions and share our knowledge

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First-class workmanship & lifetime warranty

With over 30 years of combined experience, the AMAC Team takes pride in delivering outstanding workmanship.

So much so, that we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty to complement existing product warranties.

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