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Air con installation

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repairs & faultfinding

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Air Conditioning Installation

If you need air conditioning installation in Brisbane, then AMAC Electrical is the team to call. Our business has worked hard to build an excellent reputation in the local industry, offering an unbeatable commitment to the satisfaction of our customers. 

Not only do we promise durable, quality materials, but we offer top-notch installation and repair solutions. This process includes thorough diagnostics to determine the right solutions for your needs. Customers can expect transparency in pricing and exceeded expectations on every project. 

Repairs and maintenance services are offered in all of the nearby communities: Brisbane, South Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan, Northside, and more. We are happy to travel any distance; talk to our team about the travel fee depending on location.


Air Conditioning Installations

Whether it is time for new installation or you are ready to replace your current air con system, we are here to assist. Our team at Charged Energy will provide quality recommendations based on your needs. The installation is always customised based on the size of the home to determine the equipment power required to create a comfortable environment.

Split Systems

Split Systems, often known as central air conditioning, include the outdoor unit, as well as an indoor delivery and filtration system. It is easy to set the room to a temperature that is comfortable for the family using a remote or WiFi enabled equipment that can be controlled by your smartphone. Our team at Charged Energy is here to assist with your split system installation. 

Ducted Air Conditioning

This type of system uses air ducts made of sheet metal to move the cooled air from the unit to the rooms in the home or office. These ducts are placed within the ceilings or walls and include vents that are strategically placed for optimal performance. 

Air Con Repairs and Maintenance 

Consistency with air conditioning repairs and maintenance is essential if you want to ensure the long-term durability of your equipment. Protect your investment by scheduling annual appointments to evaluate the performance and efficiency of your  system. These preventive maintenance appointments can help you save money in the future by avoiding common issues that arise when the equipment breaks down.