Electrical Maintenance


Keep the power on with a fully licensed electrician

Electricity is a necessary but not infallible part of our daily lives. Keeping the power on and your creature comforts working is essential to the smooth operation of your home or business. With a free quote, a local electrician from AMAC Electrical partners with you to ensure the lights stay on.

A full range of services for homeowners

Our homes and our lives depend on reliable electricity. It is often not until something goes wrong or our homes don’t meet our electrical demands that we realise how much we rely on safe and effective power solutions. A Brisbane electrician from AMAC Electrical can provide full-service maintenance for your home.


Commercial electrical services for landlords and property managers

When you own or manage multiple properties, you need trade support that you can trust to get the job done smoothly and seamlessly. A trusted electrician from AMAC Electrical makes your job easy, enabling you to keep compliant properties and helping you maintain great relationships.

Meet your technology and home automation demands

At home

The way we live and work has changed over recent years. Remote and flexible work options are now the norm rather than the exception. Working from home requires reliable technology and generally, technology relies on electricity. Gone are the days of ad-hoc powerboard upon powerboard setups. Let a local electrician from AMAC Electrical take your home office to the next level with creative power and data point solutions and systems as well as surge protection and audiovisual connections.

As your home transitions from office to sanctuary, you want your technology to entertain and serve you. Our team of Brisbane electricians can wire and mount your television, add power and antenna points where needed, or perhaps power up the latest and greatest home automation systems

At the office

The power demands of a retail or commercial space can be overwhelming, but our local electricians at AMAC Electrical have the experience and knowledge to ensure your business is switched on when you need it. Call the team today to discuss adding or moving power and data points or upgrading switchboards, or surge protection.

More and more often, businesses are requiring sophisticated audiovisual setups to optimise video conferencing. AMAC Electrical has embraced this trend. We know and understand the best ways to wire up all of the hardware required to deliver quality, reliable video conferencing.

two people sitting at desk under commercial office lights

Illuminate your home or business

Lighting has a big impact on our mood and our health. Our body’s natural rhythms rely on exposure to variations in light throughout the day. Having multiple lighting styles and sources in both your home and office gives flexibility and control over your environment, it allows you to create an ambience perfectly crafted for any given situation. Talk to a fully qualified local electrician from AMAC Electrical about optimising your lighting with:

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor living has become a feature of a modern, balanced lifestyle. Most homes and some businesses boast a luxurious alfresco, balcony, or deck. A considered outdoor lighting plan lets you and your family or guests enjoy your outdoor space long into the night.

Adding outdoor lighting to your home or office not only makes it more inviting but also enhances the safety of residents and visitors coming and going in the dark.


Secure and protect your home or company

Property security is an increasing necessity. The good news, though, is that there are some fantastic products and options that you can easily add to your home or business to increase security. AMAC Electrical’s electrical services can supply and install the right option for you.

A safe and secure property means it is safe, not only from unwelcome visitors but safe from damage. Having working and compliant smoke alarms and testing and tagging portable appliances can reduce your fire risk and potentially save you money on insurance premiums and costly rebuilding or replacement.

Create a Sanctuary

Recent years have highlighted the value of making your home your castle. The most trusted local electricians in Brisbane, our team at AMAC Electrical want to help create a comfortable, relaxing environment for you, your family, and your guests.

Air conditioning solutions

Split-system air-conditioning gives precise climate control to your space. There is no need to worry about the temperature outside your home when you can dictate the temperature to your liking inside your home. Complement your climate control with ceiling fans which not only add comfort and liveability but can be a beautiful design element.

Bathroom heating, lighting, and fan solutions

Your bathroom is a workhorse space. Ideally, it should transition from functional to relaxing with the flick of a switch. Multiple light and heat options in your bathroom allow you to have task lighting for the necessities like make-up and shaving as well as mood lighting to create a spa-like atmosphere to relax and recharge. AMAC Electrical can provide and install traditional three-in-one bathroom units or work with you to create a beautiful, customised heat, light, and fan solution.

We focus on the little details

Our Brisbane electricians are all creative and knowledgeable professionals. We can craft solutions and complete electrical services that you didn’t even know you needed. Adding dimmer, and dual switches or pool or deck lighting can be the details that take your property from a house to a home.

Don’t forget that all-important shed, garage, or second dwelling. Whatever your She-shed or Man-Cave desires, we can help you power them up.


Keep the creature comforts of your Home

The creature comforts are all those little things, like hot water, that we take for granted until they fail and we realise how much we appreciate them. Our emergency electricians in Brisbane can regularly service and maintain these vital aspects of your home, office, or investment property, so you don’t have to worry about them letting you down. Prevention is always better than a cure, but sometimes maintenance gets overlooked, or machines fail without warning. We are always happy to come to the rescue in an electrical emergency.

Have electrical issues? Get your electrical repairs Sorted.

Why we are the best Brisbane electrician for you

Quality Electrical work

All of AMAC Electrical's team are experienced and knowledgeable qualified Master Electricians. From ceiling fans, installation of electrical outlets, to switchboard upgrades, our electrical services do not waver in quality, you can expect great service every time.

Trust your tradie to turn up

The AMAC Electrical's service commitment means you can trust your tradie to turn up when they say they will. You can be at ease knowing the best electrician with friendly service will be invited into your home to fix your electrical issue.

Setting the standard on professional service

Our Brisbane electricians can pull the whole team together to service a single-family home or an entire unit block or property portfolio. The friendly team at AMAC Electrical won't walk away from an electrical job until you are a happy customer.

Future Proofing your Home or COmpany

An AMAC electrician Ipswich can schedule your annual maintenance, safety, and compliance checks at competitive rates.

We uphold a clean and tidy workstation

When we are finished with a job, you can be sure that we will vacuum, dust and wipe until your home is left in the same condition as when we arrived.

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